aaronIn 2002, Aaron Johnson began teaching for a private high school in Ohio. When he moved to Colorado in 2005, he decided that he wanted to keep teaching at the school where he had built so many relationships with the staff, faculty, and students. He transitioned from his face-to-face classroom to an online classroom and has been teaching online for them since.

In 2008, with a baby girl on the way, Aaron began working in the Educational Technology department at Denver Seminary where he continues to work today. Aaron is a technical advisor and faculty developer; he spends his days helping faculty to create better online classes and to become better online teachers.

Aaron’s area of expertise is in creating community and facilitating relationship within the online classroom. He loves watching teachers become confident online teachers, who actually enjoy teaching their online classes. He graduates from Denver Seminary in May of 2013 with an MA in Spiritual Formation. His masters project research explores how instructors can nurture their students’ spiritual development through online discussions.

Aaron currently lives in Denver, with his wife and two amazing daughters. He’s an artist at heart, who loves to fly fish and be in nature. He and his family love to hike, play, and go on adventures together.

You can contact Aaron using the contact page on this site.