Excellent Online Teaching Chapter Resources

Below is a complete chapter list of the Excellent Online Teaching resources. The goal of the book was to provide enduring online teaching methods, while the goal of these pages is to add a dynamic element to the book. Some chapters will have more resources than others, and these pages will grow with new resources over time. If there is something you are looking for and can’t find, then drop me an email using the contact page.

PREFACE RESOURCES – Habits and Structures for the Online Teacher

CHAPTER 1 RESOURCES – 3 Ways to Prepare Your  Online Course

CHAPTER 2 RESOURCES – Getting Your Online Class Off to a Great Start

CHAPTER 3 RESOURCES – Strategies for Effective Online Communication

CHAPTER 4 RESOURCES – Core Ingredients to your Weekly Email

CHAPTER 5 RESOURCES – Critical Weeks for Engaging the Bottom 20% of Learners

CHAPTER 6 RESOURCES – Facilitating Online Discussions

CHAPTER 7 RESOURCES – Getting to Know Your Online Students

CHAPTER 8 RESOURCES – Grading Online Discussions (saving time doing it)

CHAPTER 9 RESOURCES – Providing Timely Feedback for Your Online Students

CHAPTER 10 RESOURCES – Formative Feedback Online

CHAPTER 11 RESOURCES – Cultivating Online Learning Community

CHAPTER 12 RESOURCES – More Resources for Online Discussions

CHAPTER 13 RESOURCES – Essential Qualities of an Awesome Online Teacher

CHAPTER 14 RESOURCES – Communicating Your Unique Voice

CHAPTER 15 RESOURCES – Improving Your Game

CHAPTER 16 RESOURCES – Finishing Your Online Semester Well