How do we successfully adapt our on-campus courses to this new environment?

Online Teaching with Zoom is your guide for gaining the technical, classroom management, and teaching skills you’ll need to operate with competence and confidence in the live online classroom.

Author of Excellent Online Teaching, and veteran online teacher, Aaron Johnson, integrates his background in online education and video production to guide you through a thoughtful approach to how synchronous video shapes the learning experience. He explains how we can play to its strengths (and how not to work against its tendencies).

In this book, you’ll learn:

    • The technical basics
    • A learner perspective on what works and doesn’t work in the videoconferenced classroom
    • Protocols and etiquette for classroom management
    • Over 30 active learning activities and lesson templates
    • Best practices for leading your learning community in meaningful discourse
    • Other principles and tips that are applicable across all live video platforms

Is it for beginners or those with more experience? Online Teaching with Zoom is both on-ramp and an interstate. The novice will find it accessible, and the seasoned will encounter new ideas they can immediately apply in their next class session.

Is this only for educators who use Zoom? Most of the ideas in Online Teaching with Zoom apply to any videoconferencing software. The principles, tips, best practices, activities, and templates are transferrable across videoconferencing platforms.

How many pages are in the book? The print copy will be 6″ x9″ and approximately 170 pages.

Online Teaching with Zoom is designed to be the one book you need to succeed as a remote teacher in the live video classroom.