Very TopThe top of your course site is your most valuable real estate.

Course web pages tend to fill with content quickly, requiring students to scroll to find content. Because of this important course information can get buried in a sea of links. So, you want to keep the most important content on your course site right at the top, or at least above the fold. What’s “above the fold.” That’s the area a viewer sees without scrolling down. But the fold is shrinking as our learners are accessing our course sites with their mobile devices that have much smaller screens. That means we must prioritize.

Take 5 minutes today and look over your course site. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What information, resources, and links are high priority and need moved to the top?
  2. What information do my students tend to overlook or forget? Move it to the top.
  3. What is the look and feel of the top two vertical inches of my course site like? Does it need simplified? Made more attractive?

photo by cwohler